Residency Program

The First Accredited Naturopathic Residency Program in BC

Integrative is proud to support naturopathic education and professional excellence. The founders all come from a multidisciplinary background with years of experience and success behind their Integrative approach to patient care. In order to share this approach, Integrative decided in 2012 to partner with the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in affiliation with the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) to host the first certified residency program in BC.

New naturopathic graduates are not required to complete a residency program following medical school; however, the profession recognizes that significant learning and development occurs during the first years as a new doctor. Through a stringent selection process Integrative gains a promising, fully licensed physician and provides this individual with an organized and supervised educational training experience that fosters academic experience under the guidance of our very experienced doctors.

This residency program is part of our commitment to fostering Naturopathic Medicine and giving back to a profession that has taught us so much over the decades.

We strongly recommend that prospective residency applicants have exposure to Applied Kinesiology, as well as our clinic, prior to applying for a residency position. We encourage formal Applied Kinesiology training or at the very least observational experience with this technique. In order to gain an understanding of our clinic and our guiding principles, preceptoring with one or many of our doctors is essential. Please review our Preceptor Policy prior to contacting our office.

For more information please visit the residency site hosted by NCNM, our program affiliate.

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