The History of Integrative

Three Young Chiropractor Students Dream of More

To truly tell the Integrative story, you have to go way, way back to the 1970s. This was before we were Dr. Posen, Dr. Brown and Dr. Chan, the Founders of Integrative.

Back then, we were Eric, Hal and Lawrence – students at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, separated by a few years, but each in our 20s and drawn to this relatively uncommon form of healing.

People take it for granted now, but Chiropractic used to be a very avant garde form of medicine. In Canada and the United States Chiropractic has a history of being met with suspicion, and even when we were students many people were unfamiliar with its treatments.

Recognizing A Shared Philosophy

We were all very different people, but something in each of us brought us to alternative healing at a young age. And then something else drew us together: a shared philosophy.

Each of us had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We knew we wanted to help people and were never content with knowing just one way to do it, each of us willing to go against the grain to learn and practice more.

This shared philosophy – which became more refined over time – brought us together in work and study for the next 40 years and is the foundation of the Integrative Model.

The birth of the Integrative Model and the evolution of a philosophy and healing centre.


Discovering the Limits of a Single Perspective

The Integrative story picks up years later when we had come together to run a Chiropractic practice in Vancouver. This was good for a time, but the same philosophy and desire to grow that brought us together caused us to chafe under a single model of healing.

True to our nature, we were innovative within the Chiropractic scope and discovered some amazing new applications that helped a lot of people. But the modality – like all modalities – had limitations.

Back to School

When the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine opened a program that gave credit for clinical experience and education, we jumped in feet first.

The only problem was geography. We were in Vancouver. The College was in Ontario.

But we were determined and flew to the satellite lectures in Alberta for courses, studied late into the night after work and took weeks off to study for the grueling board exams.

It wasn’t easy. But nothing worth learning ever is.

In the end, we were proud graduates with degrees in Naturopathic Medicine as well as licenses from the Shanghai Research Institute in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. When Naturopathic Physicians gained prescriptive rights into our British Columbia scope we were among the first to become licensed.

We finally felt that we had a full understanding of health across all spectrums and could begin a practice that suited our philosophy.

Founding Integrative and Moving Forward

We founded the Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre to be an extension of our healing philosophy and to personify the Integrative Model.

Just as we learned and developed over the years, Integrative has expanded to become something greater than the three of us with new personnel, services and facilities so we can offer our patients the most comprehensive care possible.

Looking back at our over 40 years together, we marvel at how far we’ve come. Beginning as three young students, we’ve delved the depths of healing, learned and worked with some remarkable people and grown so much.

But most importantly, we’re proud that we’ve been able to truly help people and build a health clinic that stands for the Integrative Model of healing that we believe in.

We invite you to share in this history. Contact us to set up your first consultation.

The Founders of Integrative on behalf of the entire team
Dr. Hal Brown | Dr. Eric Posen | Dr. Lawrence Chan

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