Integrative is one of the first and most successful multidisciplinary complementary health centres in Vancouver. However, we are integrative in more than name alone. Every patient is unique and between people one treatment may not be effective for the same set diagnoses or symptoms. Our Integrative Naturopath Vancouver office strives to provide the highest level of client service and care.
Each of the founders originally began as chiropractors but the need for better integrative tools set them on a quest of discovery, which saw the continued expansion of their knowledge with licenses in Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Pharmacology.

With this knowledge and experience, one single practitioner can use multiple healing frameworks to find the best possible method to diagnose and treat any ailment a patient may have – be it in the body, mind or spirit. This is the foundation of the Integrative Model.

The Integrative Team

The Founders

Our founders – Dr. Eric Posen, Dr. Lawrence Chan and Dr. Hal Brown each recognized the need to integrate multiple healing disciplines into their practice to truly address the source of each of their patients’ needs. They met in the 1970’s back when they were Eric, Hal and Lawrence – students at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, separated by a few years, but each in their 20s and drawn to this relatively uncommon form of healing.

People take it for granted now, but Chiropractic used to be a very avant garde form of medicine. In Canada and the United States Chiropractic has a history of being met with suspicion, and even when they were students many people were unfamiliar with its treatments. From this chiropractic background they realized that in order to offer their patients a broader scope of care they needed more tools. The founders are passionate about their philosophy of healing and are continuing their legacy by mentoring the Integrative Associates. Integrative Naturopath Vancouver is fortunate to provide a combination of services that provide alternative ways to relax and heal.

The Associates

In addition to the Founders, Integrative has a new generation of Naturopathic Physicians that have learned and practice the Integrative Model. Our naturopathic doctors work as a team with experienced practitioners in various health fields including Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition to ensure that all patients of Integrative receive the care and attention they deserve. This teamwork demonstrates integration beyond the sole practitioner and into the wider clinic